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A 14 year-old Autistic, NONVERBAL boy has been missing in Long Island, New Jersey since October 4th. As a society/community we must ban together and help the search. He loves trains and multiple trains have been searched but he is still out there. I wake up thinking about him. At night, I am so sick that it is dark and he is without his mother. Please take action and keep an eye out for him and spread the word. HE MUST BE RETURNED!!

This is also a wake up call for our society. We should make sure that all these children have the services they need so that they can have successful and safe futures. Lack of insurance or lack of funds should not keep these families from providing necessary services to their children. I am not sure how many words he has or if he has any since he is described as non-verbal but I certainly wish he could verbally get needs met or had some type of communication device to get help from a stranger. Proper services would have given him the language and behavior to get help if he were given the opportunity to escape or communicate with an adult. THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART. WE MUST PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.

If you have taken this child, let him go!! Please let him go! Return him to his mother immediately. This child needs a concerned parent or adult. He needs his home. You will be rewarded both financially and in God’s eyes for returning this child safely to his mother. I beg you. All parents and Americans beg you.

Dr. Layla Salek