We are proud to have a new website that accurately reflects our mission and purpose. Please look over the site, spread the word, and donate to our cause. We hope to reach all parents that are willing to donate funds to Susie Bean Gives so we can provide scholarships to parents needing financial help for their child’s necessary services. We are proud to be a conduit between willing parents to parents in need. All parents want to give their child the best possible life and all parents fall on hard times at least once throughout their life. We want to make sure that their child’s services are not interrupted while the parents regroup and land on their feet. Please help us help parents with children with Autism and/or Mental illness. Please contact us if you need help with your child’s services or have your service provider contact us if they meet the guidelines outlined in the website. For those of you that are willing to help, please donate at our site and know that 100% of your funds go directly to a family needing help with services. From the bottom of our heart, we could not do provide scholarships without you.

Parent to Parent and Heart to Heart
Thank you for your support,

Susie Bean Gives
R. Layla Salek
Founder of Susie Bean Gives

The Board of Directors would like to thank Christian Strain for the beautiful creation of our website!