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The CDC recently released new statistics regarding autism. They now believe autism occurs in 1 in 88 births in America. When I read the stats, tears came to my eyes. When I was in graduate school for my Ph.D. (over a decade ago) autism was 1 in 166 births. And I remember feeling scared but motivated to help this population. In the last two weeks, I have had two friends receive the autism diagnosis for their child. I am glad that I can help them with information and behavioral advice, but I realize the road ahead of them with change their lives forever. The financial obligation alone will completely alter their reality. Now, I feel such a sense of urgency to spread our message and get families help. I am not sure why we are begging service providers to take our money to help families. But the reality is, we are begging. If you know of any counselors, behaviorist, psychiatrists, music, speech or OT providers, please pass on our information. If you know families with autistic or mentally children needing a financial break, please have them contact us and we will send information to their service providers.

I hope everyone has helped out in their community this month for Autism Awareness Month. Next month is Mental Heath Month. Please lend a hand to those around you suffering from a mental illness or raising a child with a mental illness. Here are the steps for getting help when you or your child suffers from a mental health issue:
1. Realize and identify that something is not right
2. Seek out a qualified psychologist/psychiatrist
These first two steps can be daunting and incredibly difficult. These are the most crucial steps to changing your future or your child’s
3. Get a correct diagnosis. Please see at least two qualified professionals.
4. Follow through with treatment.
5. Attend local support groups for parents, adults, spouses etc…
6. Always remember the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1 800 273 TALK. Please pass on to your pre teen, teen or whomever is needing help.

Please join in the 2012 Mental Health Walk in Houston on Oct. 20, 2012. Please sign up and start raising money for the cause.

Please spread the word to all your friends: SUSIE BEAN will give scholarships to service providers so families with an autistic or mental ill child can get services for FREE.