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Thank you for your ongoing support of Susie Bean Gives! Each of you made our annual fundraiser a success! Texas families receiving our scholarships greatly appreciate your generous donations! We raised $70,000 IN 3 HOURS!! Thank you! We would also like to give a special thanks to THE SUFFERS for an amazing concert and all of Cam’s sweet words about our cause!

Thanks Franny for proving us with amazing art. Franny will also show more/all Matt Duffin’s art with percentages of sales going to SUSIE BEAN GIVES on Dec. 7th from 3 to 7pm at 801 Richmond AVE. Please join us again for a good cause!

Thanks to our board members for all your help, time, money, energy, and ideas that made the 2016 fundraiser possible and beautiful! Thank you Walter and Laura/Tommy for everything!! We absolutely could not have created such an amazing event without you guys! Walt your support of me and SBG is overwhelming! Thanks to Heris for a beautiful and moving speech! Love you girl! Thanks to Lupe Tortillas for your generous donation of yummy food! To Tall Plants and Chris, you made our event stunningly beautiful! To Danette and Elizabeth, I love the photography you continually donate to SBG each year! Thank you! To Kate Harrison and her crew, thank you for an emotionally moving video and taking care of our kiddos everyday!

Happy Holidays! Cheers to another successful and productive year for our families in need! May we never forget our duty to our community!

Susie Bean Gives Family!