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Research always first on the agenda: Children often misbehave again within 10 minutes of spanking, finds a study led by scientists at Southern Methodist University. The research relied on real-time audio recordings that captured parent and child interactions in 33 families over four to six evenings. The recordings captured 41 instances of corporal punishment, mainly during everyday activities such as fixing supper and bathing children. In 90 percent of the incidents, the spanking was triggered by noncompliance with parents’s rules, such as eating improperly, getting out of a chair or going outside without permission. On average, less than 30 seconds elapsed from the time parents initiated other forms of discipline to when they used corporal punishment. In 30 of the 41 incidents, the children misbehaved again within 10 minutes of being hit. You can read the article in its entirety by visiting the Journal of Family Psychology, online, April 2014. As a behaviorist, please note that I would never recommend corporal punishment for the low intensity behaviors corporal punishment was used on in this study, and their are many factors that surround children reacting with more noncompliance after any form of punishment. However, I always feel it is necessary to relay new research to the public.

Susie Bean News: 3 Announcements: We have another new board member: James Hedlesten. Please visit http://susiebean.org/our-staff/james-r-hedlesten/ to meet our new amazing soldier. He is a great asset to our foundation. Secondly, we have another service provider in Victoria, Texas called Building Kid Steps. Visit our website to access their services and our scholarships. They currently provide speech, OT and PT to various children. Thirdly, SAVE THE DATE! Our fall fundraiser will be November 20th. We will provide details in a week and tickets can be bought online at our site. Limited tickets will be available. If you cannot attend please go to our site and click on DONATE. It is greatly appreciated and goes directly to a family in need….parent to parent.

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