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With a heavy heart full of love, Susie Bean Gives has made the decision to skip this year’s 2017 annual Susie Bean Gives Fall Fundraiser in response to Hurricane Harvey and in remembrance of the effected Houstonians. Instead of funding the annual fundraiser, Walt, Heris and I will write a check in the amount of the annual fundraiser and deposit in the SBG account in order to fully cover our scholarship recipients (existing and new) for the 2018 fiscal year.

We will also replace any assistive technology devices such as a talking device or OT devices that a child lost in the flood.

We have also made a donation to JJ Watts YouCaring Foundation to help our evacuees. We simply ask that our loyal donors, vendors and service providers donate to the Houston Flood Relief Fund or The Houston Food Bank.

Obviously, we will still welcome donations to Susie Bean Gives, but we are completely aware that Houston needs our help and support. We encourage everyone to open your pocket books for our city.

Walt, Heris and I have the Susie Bean Gives kiddos, and we will not turn away a child! In 2018, we will return with our annual fundraiser with a bang! We fully expect, and hope with all our hearts, that our loyal SBG friends and family will return to support us for the 2018 fundraiser!

Now let’s go support Houston!! Thank you for understanding!

The Salek Family
Susie Bean Gives Team