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We are so excited to announce a Susie Bean Fundraiser in Houston, TX. Mark your calendars and please join in the fun! The event will be held at Space on March 23rd at 6pm. We would love to meet our supporters, new friends, more service providers, more children, and more parents. Please feel free to bring your children. Visit the Susie Bean site for the address to Space (under Boutiques). We currently give 30% of all profits to families and 100% of all donations to families needing services for their child. We will raise our percentage of the profits for all products sold at the event on March 23rd and will continue to give 100% of all donations to directly to families so they receive services for free for their autistic or mentally ill child. Please, please support our cause. The more money we raise the more families/children we can help. I know Houston cares. I know Texas has some of the most amazing, caring, giving people. Please help me raise enough money to give at least 10 families free services for their child. Let’s put a smile on these parents’ faces and ease their burden.
I would also love to meet anyone at the event that would like to volunteer their time to spread the word!! I want families to know that they have options and their community cares.