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During the coronavirus outbreak, children with autism are facing many different life changes which may be suspension from both school and essential services that they are used to having in their everyday routine. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Develop an emergency plan

Precautions have been changing daily. It is important to establish a plan with the following: supervision and caregivers, regular check-ins, available resources.

  • Develop a daily routine and schedule

It is helpful to use the same kinds of reward systems and behavior plans that children with autism relied on before covid. For example, have a start time and other cues that the day has begun. Build off of older or existing routines, incorporating physical breaks, including fine/gross motor activities.

  • Consider the environmental arrangement

For example, try to create different activity zones. Promote social communication and personal independence. Practice new ideas during low-stake moments. Set clear limits on when technology can be used.

  • Continue working toward goals.

(Child Mind Institute)

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