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Risky outdoor play strengthens children’s physical health and encourages creativity, social skills, and resilience, according to a systematic review led by University of British Columbia scientists. The researchers compiled data from 18 studies conducted with more than 50, 000 children ages 3 to 13. The children who participated in such activities as climbing, jumping, rough play and exploring alone displayed greater physical and social health. The study also found that play environments that offer natural elements such as trees and plants, changes in height, and freedom for children to engage in activities of their own choosing and take risks promoted increased play time, social interactions, creativity, better social/physical health and resilience. Please read the full article at International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Heath, June 8, 2015.

Therefore, it is important to allow your children to play outside without constant parent supervision so that children are allowed to problem solve any issues that may arise with the physical and social environment and make their own choices about how to play and interact with their physical and social environment. Problem solving and choice making encourages creativity which in turn increases intelligence and self-esteem. So parents, let your children run free!

Susie Bean Gives Team