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Devote Time

Susie Bean Gives always appreciates any time or energy a volunteer can devote to our cause. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time to help us raise funds throughout the year.

Our plan and mission is to have parents help other parents with these services. In other words, all parents know the feeling of wanting to give their child the best life possible. Therefore, we want to reach those parents that can help and are willing to donate funds to help other parents needing financial help for their child with autism or mental illness. We consider this a Parent-to-Parent Project and need your help finding parents willing to support another parent.

Becoming a Service Provider

100% of all donations from the community will go directly to thoroughly researched, licensed, and approved service providers, in the Texas area, that allow Susie Bean Gives to set up scholarships for their families with children with mental illness and autism needing financial support. It is important to us that donations directly benefit families in need. We do not want parents to deny their child life changing services due to lack of funds.

Therefore, we will provide scholarships to licensed service providers that offer the following services to mentally ill or autistic children: psychological, assessments, occupation therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, ABA, social skills therapy, child advocacy, and child shadow (assistant) in schools.

Service providers must have the ability to:

  1. Identify families needing financial support for their child’s services based on quantifiable evidence/data (tax returns, free and reduced lunch etc…)
  2. Offer our scholarships for their services and accurately complete our Service Provider Agreement
  3. Provide accurate, honest financial records regarding how our scholarships are allocated on a bi-annual basis when requested.

If you would like to participate in our scholarship project and meet the above 3 criterion, please contact us.