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We are pleased to announce that the Houston Children’s Museum has “Sensory Friendly Days.” These days are an opportunity for families of children with special needs to visit the Children’s Museum of Houston in a stress-free, supported environment. Susie Bean Gives will collaborate with the Children’s Museum on these days to provide families with information. Various local organizations partner with them on these days to provide families with a variety of resources to help support their child’s overall development.

The Following days for this school year are designated as Sensory Friendly Days:
Nov. 17th 4 to 7pm
Dec. 1st 10am to 2pm
Feb. 16th. 10am to 2pm
March 23rd 10am to 2pm
April 6th 10am to 2pm

For the Susie Bean Gives scholarship recipients at UofH Clear Lake CAAD, Behavior Disorders Clinic, and Harrison Music Therapy, we have free tickets on these days. Please let your service provider know that you would like to attend and the date and number of people and Children’s Museum will provide free tickets.

Please visit on these days! We are so proud of the Children’s Museum for offering such an amazing day to our very amazing kiddos with sensory integration sensitivity.

Thank you,
Susie Bean Gives Team