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Many parents will contact my office seeking information about Applied Behavior Analysis. Most parents with children with behavior disorders have heard about ABA, but not fully understand the theory or effectiveness. Therefore, I wanted to post a few sites that give accurate information about ABA and its’ effectiveness on children with various behavior disorders such as mental illness, autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD etc… Please visit the following sites: www.abainternational.org, www.centerforautism.com (includes information about other disorders as well), www.nationalautismresources.com, and www.autismresourceguide.info. Wikipedia also gives basic information. If these sites fail to sufficiently fill in gaps in your knowlegde base or you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at rlsalek@susiebean.com.

One of the journals that I subscribe to, regularly study, and implement the published techniques is the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. If you have basic knowledge, practical understanding and/or certified in ABA but need more ideas, interventions, or techniques, this is a great journal. With any ABA techniques, please consult your professional before implementing.

For any parent, having a basic understanding of behavior can mean the difference in increasing or decreasing problem behaviors. Many well meaning adults inadvertently reinforce inappropriate behaviors due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, always seek guidance and knowledge if a problem behavior is increasing, continued past 3 weeks, or has turned into more maladaptive responding.