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We recently added gift packages for Christmas/Holiday presents. Our gift packages feature a set of tshirts or onesies for under 40.00 dollars. Our gift packages help grandparents, aunts, uncles and others buy wonderful products for the little ones in their family. All gift packages feature our standard 100% organic cotton children’s clothing. Some packages include our stationary for children which makes writing thank you cards fun. We have also added Christmas cards for children to send to their friends. Please visit our site which features new low prices and gift packages for Christmas/holidays. Remember that each purchase goes directly to help a parent provide needed services to their child with autism or mental illness. What a wonderful gift to give your little one and in turn help out another family!! We truly appreciate your support during these holiday months. Helping out a family with an expensive service will help free up money so that the family may too have a great Christmas.


Change can come in any size!!
Happy Holidays.