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Please pick up this month’s special collector’s edition of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND. You can purchase at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon. This edition is an amazing resource for parents on so many amazing topics. I wanted to blog about each topic and possibly provide a summary but there is a wealth of information on each topic that I don’t want you to miss. I cannot possibly pick out the best information on the top topics. The edition covers all ages of children, parent’s concerns, and issues facing our children in a modern age. The topics covered are as follows:
How Babies Think
The Secret to Raising Smart Kids
How to Build a Better Learner
Treating a Toxin to Learning
Why Johnny Cant Name His Colors
The Serious Need for Play
What makes a Good Parent
Oh, Behave
Help for the child with Autism
Fear Not, Children with Anxiety
Beyond Shyness
Is Divorce Bad for Children
The Amazing Teen Brain
Bad Mix for the Teen Brain
Where’s Dad
The Positive Side Of Peer Pressure
The Touch Screen Generation

I promise this edition is a game changer in parenting. Also, the Child Mind Institute has released the 2016 Children’s Mental Health Report. It is EYE OPENING to say the least. 17.1 million children have or have had a diagnosisable psychiatric disorder. In other words, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. meet the criteria for a MAJOR MENTAL DISORDER. Please Google the Child Mind Institute for more details, negative effects, prevention programs, and proposed school wide behavior plans/interventions. This is a conversation that we all need to be having until solutions are found. Our children need us to wake up and help them. Our future, their future, and our great grandchildren’s futures depend on it!

Susie Bean Gives Team