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Individuals with common mental health problems believe a widely used classification system for mental disorders omits emotional and psychological experiences that they regularly have, according to a study in The Lancet Psychiatry. Researchers asked 157 people from India, the United Kingdom and the United States who had been treated for mental health conditions for feedback on drafts of the upcoming 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11). In focus groups, the participants discussed the draft diagnostic descriptions of depressive episode, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar type 1 disorder and personality disorder. The participants recommended changes to more accurately reflect their experiences and remove objectionable language. For example, people with schizophrenia added references to anger, fear, memory difficulties, isolation and difficulty communicating internal experiences; those with generalized anxiety disorder added nausea and anger; and those with depression added pain and anxiety. The participants also suggested removing confusing or stigmatizing terms such as “retardation,” “euro-vegetative,” “bizarre,” “disorganized,” and “maladaptive.” (Monitor on Psychology)

Susie Bean Gives