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R. Layla Salek, Ph.D. “Susie”
Founder and Director
  • Founder and Director

Dr. Layla Salek “Susie” is a Behaviorist who has dedicated her professional career to helping children with Mental Illness and Autism in Texas and surrounding areas.

Becoming aware of the expenses placed on families, Dr. Salek founded Susie Bean Gives in an effort to help those families that can’t normally afford services that their children need in order to live healthier, happier lives.


Dr. Salek received her B.S. in Psychology from Texas Wesleyan University and her Masters in Special Education from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. The master’s degree focused on applied behavior analysis and consultation.

Dr. Salek received a doctorate from the University of Houston. Her research emphasis was in the area of applied behavior analysis, emotional/mood disorders, generalization across settings, measurement, and moral development. During her studies, she developed a technique to promote moral development in adolescence with emotional disorders and a subsequent measure to assess their levels of moral development.

Professional Work

Since 2003, Dr. Salek has been a behavior consultant for school districts, child advocates, attorneys, and private families for children with emotional disorders, autism, ADHD, and mental retardation for grades Pre-K through 12. She conducts observations in multiple settings, conducts functional behavior assessments, designs individualized behavior plans, oversees self-contained behavior units, and trains school personnel, nannies, and parents on effectively implementing applied behavior analysis or compliance training. In order to be objective with each child, Dr. Salek bases all decisions and plans on data collection and data analysis.

Dr. Salek also speaks at many conferences geared toward behavior disorders and applied behavior analysis. From
2005 to 2008 Dr. Salek taught applied behavior analysis to both undergraduates and graduate students at the University of Houston during the summer sessions.

Recent Publications

Methylphenidate Publication



Dr. Salek is a proud and impressed mother of daughter Heris Salek.