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Older mothers are less likely to scold and physically punish their young children than younger mothers are, and their children have fewer behavioral and social problems, suggests a study in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology . Researchers examined data from 4,741 pairs of mothers and children who participated in a Danish longitudinal study. At ages 7 and 11, children of older mothers had fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties than children of younger mothers, though the association did not hold at age 15. Also, older mothers were less likely to verbally and psychically punish their children at ages 7 and 11, and less likely to verbally punish at age 15 (Monitor on Psychology).

Psychology Today, June 2016 found the following:
1. Children are likely to have positive long-term outcomes.
2. Children acquire more advanced language skills.
3. Children do well academically across the board.
4. Children are on the receiving end of educational and emotional support.
5. Children are likely to receive more parental time and attention.
6. Older mothers are projected to live long lives, to be there for their children.

Susie Bean Gives