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Research Topic 1:

Spanking is linked with kids becoming aggressive and less successful, according to a meta-analysis of more than 50 years of research. Scientists at the University of Texas and the University of Michigan examined data from more than 160, 000 children and found that the more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and to show increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems, and cognitive difficulties (Journal of Family Psychology, Online April 7). It is important to come up with other effective consequences for inappropriate behavior rather than spanking.

Research Topic 2:

People feel less guilty about the violence in video games the more they play them, according to study led by a University of Buffalo researcher. A total of 145 undergraduate participants played alternative versions of the same violent game for four days, varying each day between playing a moral character (soldier) or an immoral character (terrorist). On the fifth day, all participants played a new game as a terrorist soldier. Findings showed that repeated exposure decreased the ability of the original game to elicit guilt among participants when playing the terrorist. In addition, players experienced less guilt when playing the immoral character in the new game than they did playing the moral character in the first game (Media Psychology, Online March 30). Therefore, violent video games effects our empathy for others. Imagine the effect these violent games have on young children and their empathy if this effect was found in college students.

Susie Bean Gives Team