On November 15th at the Koelsch Gallery in Houston, TX, we hosted our fall fundraiser for Susie Bean Gives. Our community showed overwhelming support for our cause. It was a beautiful night of networking, drinks, food, and friends. We are proud to announce that we raised 20,000 for Susie Bean Gives!! We need more service providers that offer any service to children with autism and mental illness that can identify families needing financial help, so we can start writing scholarship checks. Please spread the word. I will start calling new service providers this week in hopes of recruiting more participants and therefore helping more families. We currently give scholarships to University of Houston: CAAD program, The Music Center of Houston, and Viridian Early Child Development Center.

We would like to thank Jackson and Company for the tasty food and impecable staff, Bergman and Johnson for the gorgeous flower arrangements, Christian Strain for all of our technical needs both on the website and at the gallery, and our board members for all their help. We would also like to announce our two new board members: Holly Waltrip and Tiffany Smith. Holly currently serves as a board member for Dec Your Room which decorates children’s hosptial rooms, and Tiffany currently serves as a board member for the Children’s Museum of Houston. Not only our they dear friends but they are great members of society and will bring more heart and love to Susie Bean Gives.

We hope to see everyone at our next Fall Fundraiser. Thank you again to all our family and friends for their on-going support!

Susie/Dr. Salek