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Children conceived via the fertility treatments IVF and ICSI do not have lower cognitive abilities than children conceived without reproductive technology, despite some previous research suggesting they might, finds a study in Human Reproduction. The researchers analyzed data from 214 children in the United Kingdom conceived via IVF and ICSI. Compared with a control group of children, the IVF and ICSI children showed no deficits on tests of verbal cognitive ability at ages 3,5,7 and 11, and in fact scored higher, on average, at ages 3 and 5 than children conceived without IVF. The researchers hypothesize this may be because the parents of the children conceived via fertility treatments were about four years older, on average, and more highly educated than parents of naturally conceived children, which could “override” any potential cognitive deficits stemming from the fact that the IVF children were more likely to be born prematurely and as part of a multiple birth. (Monitor on Psychology)

Susie Bean Gives