First of all, You may be thinking, what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence = creative thinking, self-control, leadership qualities and social skills. I know that I struggle at times with teaching my child these skills in a way where I am not constantly preaching to them about what to do and not do in certain situations. That is why I am excited about the new game a freind has created to help our kiddos learn these valuable life skills in a fun way. After 3 years of research, Sofia has launched EQtainment on Kickstarter. She has already raised capital and is in talks with Walmart and Target for distribution, so there is no pressure for anyone to purchase anything or invest…we just want as many influential moms to help spread the word during the 30 day rollout on Kickstarter. Please share this with your circle of friends and help spread the word about this new wonderful tool. I am very excited for her! Help your kids raise their EQ along with me.

Secondly, Walk for Mental Illness in Houston is here. Online registration for the Fourth Annual 5K Walk opens Friday, August 15th, 2014. This year’s walk will be held at Spotts Park, 401 South Heights Boulevard Houston, Texas 77007. For those 12 years and older registration fee is $25, fee will be $35 day of the event. The Walk 2014 host greater Houston area 501(c)3’s missioned to service within the mental health arena. Sign-up individually or a group to join on behalf of a “Walk With a Purpose” team. See our facebook for details and site.

Thirdly, to register for free on-line parenting classes in Houston or Clear Lake areas please visit https://apps.uhcl.edu/ORS/CADD/Account/Login. You can obtain a yearly schedule of all the amazing lectures that are free to parents.

Finally, the Parent Resource Network in Houston is having their State Conference on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 from 9-4 p.m. at the United Way of Greater Houston. They are expecting 100 families of special needs children to be in attendance, we are also going to be holding a resource fair. This will be a free event for all of our participants.

Susie Bean Gives