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The effects of childhood bullying persist far into midlife, according to research conducted by scientists at Kings College London and the University of Tokyo. The five-decades-long study followed the lives of 7700 children born in England, Scotland, and Wales during one week in 1958. Researchers found that the children who were bullied frequently had higher rates of anxiety and suicidal thoughts or plans at age 45, compared with children who were not bullied. The bullied children were also less likely to be living with partners, more isolated and had lower levels of life satisfaction. Even those bullied occasionally were more likely than those who were not bullied to have psychological distress or depression at midlife. They also had poorer cognitive functioning, general health, social support and quality of life. To read further, please read the American Journal of Psychiatry, April 18.

Let’s take care of our children: act when your child gets bullied, listen to your child, and tell your children you love them everyday.

Susie Bean Gives Team