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The most exciting part of being Susie Bean is writing a scholarship check so a child with autism or mental illness can receive a service for free. Today, I gave a 300 dollar scholarship to a young boy with autism so he could receive one session of speech therapy and two sessions of music therapy for free. His family, like millions of families across the world, pay a ridiculous amount of money EACH MONTH for behavior, speech, OT, music, counseling, assessment etc..services in order for their child to have a bright future. There is no better feeling than helping these families and putting smiles on their faces. I hope each scholarship we provide allows those families to go out to eat, buy groceries, catch a movie, get school clothes, and/or enjoy an easy loving moment with their children instead of worrying if they have to make a decision between services or food/clothes/fun with the family. Our products allow parents to help other parents provide necessary services to their child. We also provide YOU WITH an EASY way to donate to the cause if the tshirts/onesies are not appealing or needed. Please visit “OUr Scholarship Project” page on susiebean.com and click on the donate button which will lead you to a secured PayPal page. 100% of your donation will go directly to families needing these services for their autistic or mentally ill child. 30% of our profit from the products goes to familes, but 100% of your DONATION goes directly to these families. Every donation will receive a card outlining exactly what service was provided to what child based on the amount of the donation. As a parent, please consider helping another parent provide for their child.

Together, Lets try to help over 200 families this year.