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We are searching for qualified service providers that offer valuable services to children with autism or children with mental illness. It is important that we identify service providers for these two populations in every city, so our scholarship project reaches families struggling everyday to financially provide their child with the necessary help to change their future.

If you are a qualified, certified service provider to children with autism or mental illnes and:
•can identify families needing financial support for their child’s services,
•are willing to offer our scholarships for necessary services to those families in need, and
•will provide accurate, honest financial records regarding how our scholarships are allocated on a bi-annual basis
we would love to speak with you. Please contact us through rlsalek@susiebean.com or throught the www.drsalek.com website.

We truly commend and respect each and everyone of you serving these populations. They are wonderful children wanting the same life and future that everyone wants.