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Many of my families/clients are experiencing the same frustration once we get their child stable behaviorally in the home setting: the school does not support their child behaviorally, academically or linguistically in the school setting. My parents worked tirelessly over the summer to get their child behaviorally stable in the home setting only to have school start and the campus consciously or unconsciously unravel their efforts in the school setting. This is very confusing for children and keeps them from reaching their full potential. All children with autism or mental illness have the right to be supported in all settings both behaviorally, socially, linguistically and academically. It amazes me that adults working with children 8 hours a day fail to provide the proper education children with behavior disorders need to get an education, hold down a job, live independently, communicate to get needs met, maintain relationships etc…

Parents need to advocate for their child in order to receive an appropriate education. If you still find yourself fighting for your child’s basic rights after a semester, then I advise you to seek counsel with a child advocate. There are so many incredible educators and advocates working everyday for our children; however, when you come across a few bad apples hampering your child’s future, please be your child’s advocate or hire one. First make sure your child is behaviorally stable in your home and that you are providing everything to create a magnificent adult. Secondly, know special education law, your rights, and your child’s rights. Thirdly, fight for your child. They are worth it!!