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The holidays are over and children are back in school. Many of us are very excited for a much needed jolt back into reality and consistency. However, children do not switch back to a schedule as quickly. Most parents, if not all, experienced their children having behavioral difficulties and emotional meltdowns over the holidays. Children both typical and nontypical react negatively to changes in schedule/routine. Holidays do not offer consistent routines or consistent environments/people. Therefore, the best remedy for getting children back into a routine after the holidays is to immediately implement your normal schedule and your typical behavior management system in the home. In other words, do not ease into the normal schedule nor allow your children to get by with inappropriate behavior. Set them down tonight, inform them that school and work are back in session and so are mom and dad. Review the house schedule and rules, just in case memory left with the holidays. Once you have reviewed schedule and rules, implement routine and consequences with 100% consistency. Slowly moving back into a routine or allowing them to slack on behavior without providing consequences or providing them intermittently, will in the long run create frustration, behavior problems and an inconsistent environment. Like ripping off a bandaide, start the routines now! Your children will benefit from the much needed consistency. Remember behavior always gets worse before it gets better when you first establish consistency in schedule and behavior plan/consequences. Provide a lot of praise, support and rewards for appropriate behavior during the transition.