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Thank you to all of our donors over the years. Because 100% of what we raised went directly to children and families needing necessary services, we could not have raised over 450, 000 or helped over 1400 Texas children without you! We always had a goal in mind of 500, 000 dollars raised and 1500 children helped. Due to the pandemic, donations decreased significantly and so did our capacity to reach more children. I want to thank my family and our board members for keeping the scholarships going in order to continue the mission. I also want to thank our service providers for identifying families in need of funding and contacting us. It was a pleasure working with you all. As a 501c3, we are currently revaluating our mission and capabilities post-pandemic. By December 2023, we will have a decision on the future of Susie Bean Gives. Thank you for your patience.   Thank you, Layla Salek, Founder and President