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Overview and Mission Statement:

I founded Susie Bean Gives in order to help families with children with Autism and Mental Illness receive expensive and necessary services. As a Behaviorist and daughter of mental illness, I understand there are millions of families needing support, information, medication, behavioral therapy, counseling, health insurance, and respite care for their children living with various behavior disorders.  Since 2001 I have dedicated my professional career to helping children with Mental Illness and Autism in Texas and surrounding areas.  It is apparent to me that these services are expensive and no one agency has enough funding, staff, knowledge, or compassion to help these families in need.

As a result, Susie Bean Gives raises money and donates 100% of the funds to service providers in the form of scholarships to directly help families with children with Mental Illness and/or Autism get necessary services for free.  Our plan and mission is to have parents help other parents with these services. In other words, all parents know the feeling of wanting to give their child the best life possible. Therefore, we want to reach those parents that can help and are willing to donate funds to help other parents needing financial help for their child with autism or mental illness. We consider this a Parent-to-Parent Project.

Thank you for your support,
R. Layla Salek, Ph.D.
Founder of Susie Bean Gives