Due to the recent ABC story on Susie Bean, we have had many inquiries from both families and service providers regarding our scholarships. The following suggestions will help us expedite your requests:

If you are a family with a child with autism and/or mental illness needing a one time scholarship to help supplement your income and help pay for necessary services for your child:
1. Please give your service provider (psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, music therapist, Behaviorist, or psychiatrist) our website and/or email address.
2. Please have them contact us.
3. We will send them a service provider agreement that must be filled out and returned to us with all information completed.
4. Once we receive this agreement and the service provider is qualified (certified, licensed), we will send a scholarship to the provider for your child’s services.
If you are a service provider wanting to participate in our program and offer those families in financial need with a child with autism and/or mental illness a Susie Bean scholarship:
1. Please email us at rlsalek@drsalek.com.
2. Please put Scholarship in the subject line.
3. We will send you a service provider agreement that will need to be completed with your information, families’ information, and both your signature and family’s signature.
4. Please scan and return to the same email address.
5. If all information is completed and you are certified, licensed in your field in your state, we will send a scholarship check you office address.
We truly want to acquire qualified service providers in every city that can identify families needing financial help and are willing to accept our scholarships. We have funds that we want to disburse and are waiting to hear from service providers and are waiting to receive completed agreements. Please spread the word. If you are neither a family in need or a service provider and want to help, please pass the information along via facebook, email, twitter, word of mouth etc…We all know a family with an autistic or mentally ill child having to pay for expensive services. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND PURCHASE SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO FUND THESE SERVICES AND CHANGE LIVES!!!!