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This is the time of year when everyone sets goals and tries to correct past habits or acquire new behaviors. While you are thinking about 2012 resolutions, please consider two suggestions: communication within your family and helping other families. A majority of problems occur within the home because people either do not communicate at all or they do not communicate well. Set a time each day to catch up with your family members. Having dinner or breakfast with all members of the family is a wonderful way to keep in touch. At least once a day for an hour, parents need to discuss the highs and lows with their children. Include them in topical conversations about world events and stay in touch with their world. Children that are typical and non-typical must feel supported and included in their home environment. It is also important for the health of the family unit for parents to have alone time to reconnect and catch up. A date night is great way to stay connected, and the children see their parents still enjoying each other. The more healthy the communication the happier the family. Children will feel safe talking to you about topics important to them since you have established healthy communication with them on a daily basis.

Secondly, consider making it a goal to help other families. There are MANY families in your area that need respite care, a warm meal, a play-date with a typical peer, adult conversation, help with carpool etc…Families with multiple children, single parents, or families with children with disabilities need people to lend a hand. Please communicate with your community, church, neighborhood and find out the families that need your support. If you do not have time but would like to help financially, please consider buying our products or making a donation. Susie Bean gives 30% of profit from products and 100% of donations to families with autistic or mentally ill children needing expensive services. Please make it a habit to help others in 2012.